Chippie lands huge catfish at Mackay Marina
Chippie lands huge catfish at Mackay Marina Shakira Sellen

Chippie lands monster catfish the size of a shark

SARINA carpenter Mark Jorgensen couldn't believe his eyes when he reeled in an epic catfish off the Mackay Breakwater.

Mr Jorgensen said the catfish was the biggest he had ever seen, coming in at 85cm in length.

Fishing with prawns at the harbour and not targeting the species at the time, the catfish fight was a sporting surprise, Mr Jorgensen said.

Mark Jorgensen with the 85 cm catfish he caught in the Mackay Harbour.
Mark Jorgensen with the 85 cm catfish he caught in the Mackay Harbour. Contributed

Several species of catfish can be found on the Mackay coast and creek-ways including the oceanic, cobbler catfish and the fork tailed catfish.

Nathan Edwards at Tackle World Mackay said catfish can be found bottom feeding in similar areas to the spotted grunter and bared grunter.

Although the fish in the picture looks more like a fork tailed catfish, Mr Edwards says the cobbler catfish is more likely to be found outside of Mackay creeks.

"In certain times of the year you will get them schooling up in big numbers," Mr Edwards said.

"In the Seaforth area you'll catch quite a few, a lot of the spots around the island too where you will catch largemouth nannygai you will come across big schools of cat fish.

"The oceanic ones (cobbler catfish) will get into big schools when they are covering a big feeding area on the shoals."

Mr Edwards says 85cm is a large size for a catfish who will eat anything from molluscs to prawns while feeding along the bottom of a shoal or the Mackay Harbour.

Catfish are rarely kept by fishermen, as most say the taste isn't worth the time filleting.

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