Amarni Russell has donated her hair to charity.
Amarni Russell has donated her hair to charity. Contributed

Chop for charity: eight-year-old donates hair

AFTER eight years of growing her hair, Miss Amarni Russell has chopped her locks for charity.

The eight-year-old St Francis Xavier student has never cut her hair, but decided it was time for a change after seeing her friend donate to charity last year.

Amarni's mum Tanya Russell - owner of Gina T Hair and Beauty - said her daughter had been thinking about the big chop for a long time.

"One of her friends donated their hair about a year ago and since then Armani hasn't stopped thinking about it," she said.

"She's always had long hair but she was really excited to finally get it cut."

Hair with Heart is an Australian charity using donated hair to make wigs for sick children. Mrs Russell said after watching a video showing a sick child receiving one of the wigs, Amarni knew it was her charity of choice.

"I think she's really proud to be helping someone else with her donation," she said.

"She wasn't nervous to cut her hair off at all.

"The night before the haircut she could barely sleep because she was so excited."

Amarni created her donation page on January 10 and has already raised $600 for the Hair with Heart charity.

Mrs Russell said her daughter is already planning to grow out her hair so she can donate it again in a few years time.

"We cut off 36.6cm of hair so it will take a while to grow back, but she already wants to donate again," she said.

"She hasn't stopped brushing her new short hair because it feels so much lighter."

Gina T Hair and Beauty have had several customers wishing to donate their hair in the last year. The salon is considering providing a free haircut to anyone thinking of having the big chop for charity.

"We definitely want to continue supporting the Hair with Heart charity," Mrs Russell said. "Families spend thousands of dollars on these wigs so it is important to help out with that cost."