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Chris Brown angers neighbours by 'popping wheelies'

CHRIS Brown has angered neighbours by "popping wheelies" on a quadbike in the road.

The 27-year-old rapper has been branded "a fool" by a resident who caught the 'Look At me Now' hitmaker whizzing along a road in the San Fernando Valley, California, and performing stunts on the four-wheeled vehicle.

The footage, which has been obtained by, captures Chris - who has two-year-old daughter Royalty with his former girlfriend Nia Guzman - speeding along on the blue motor vehicle.

And the onlooker can be heard describing the event in the clip, she said: "Chris Brown over there acting a fool doing popping wheelies on a four-wheeler. Un-fr***ing believable. Un-fr***ing believable."

And the star's antics frustrated the fellow driver who was trying to make her way to the park. The source said: "All I'm trying to do is go to park and his dumb a** is popping wheelies. Here he come folks, Chris Brown. (sic)"

This isn't the first time Chris has irritated his neighbours with his quad bike stunts.

In May, police were called to his home when he and a pal

began doing doughnuts on all-terrain vehicles (ATV) in the street, including on a number of lawns, and racing up and down the road at around 6pm.

And as well as the noise made by the vehicles, the pair's antics also disturbed children who were playing outside and when one neighbour confronted the singer and threatened to call police, he replied: "F**k you and f**k the cops."

The local resident called for law enforcement assistance, and when the officers came out and knocked at Chris' door, the person who answered said the 'Run It' singer would not come to the door and they should call the star's lawyer if that was a problem.

The singer is said to be "hated" in the neighbourhood because of non-stop late night noise.