Chris Brown denies battery

CHRIS Brown insists allegations he punched a woman at the weekend are "unequivocally untrue".

The 'Loyal' hitmaker was accused of attacking Liziane Gutierrez on Saturday morning in Las Vegas but his representatives have denied the claims and suggested the alleged victim is a liar.

His spokesperson told Rolling Stone: "Making false accusations seems to be a pattern of behaviour for Ms. Gutierrez. Whatever her motives, her statements are unequivocally untrue."

The 26-year-old singer is accused of striking Liziane in the victim's right eye using his fist because she had snuck her mobile phone into the private party he was holding in his suite at the Palms Hotel.

However, Chris' representative insists Liziane - who did not seek medical attention and called police a few hours after leaving the party - was escorted out of the star's private afterparty for "being disruptive and out of control."

While waiting for security to bring out her phone, she allegedly had a "total meltdown," which was caught on the hotel's security cameras, prompting the venue's security staff to step in an assist in removing her from the resort.

The spokesperson added: "Her claim that she had her phone in her possession inside the after-party and was able to take a photo causing an altercation with Chris Brown is a complete fabrication."

According to TMZ, Las Vegas police attended the hotel to speak with Chris, but were not allowed in the room though they later determined he wasn't there any more.

They still haven't heard from the 'Run It' hitmaker and their official report is for battery and misdemeanour theft of the phone.