A GROUP of religious leaders stood outside George Christensen's office on Sunday to support #illridewithyou and pay tribute to the victims of the Sydney siege.

Barrister Neil Francey voiced his concerns about Mr Christensen's response to the #illridewithyou campaign.

"What I think he ignores is the reality that there are a small percentage of bigoted, racist individuals in this country who make moderate, law-abiding, peaceful innocent women riding on public transport feel uncomfortable," he said.

"I think he is appealing to the basic instincts of those individuals instead of having a proper and mature understanding of the whole Australian society."

Mr Francey also said the group was not just at his office to protest, but to commemorate the victims of the Sydney siege.

"The flowers that were laid were not just in protest, they were laid for the victims and hostages for lack of anywhere else being designated by Mr Christensen, and as of 9am this morning (yesterday morning) they had been removed," he said.

However, George Christensen criticised the protesters and accused them of joining a "divisive" bandwagon.

"In using a terrorist attack where innocent people were killed to stage a political event, Mr Francey and his friends have supported and defended the divisive #illridewithyou campaign," he said.

"Not only was the campaign divisive by creating victims and painting Australians as intolerant thugs, it was driven by deep-seated hatred for white people, and clicktivists sent it viral while the Sydney siege was still in progress."