Man does surveillance on ordinary citizens

Citizen surveillance video divides internet

YOUTUBE user SurveillantCameraMan has the internet divided after uploading videos where he takes 'surveillance' of ordinary citizens in public, and sometimes in private, areas.

The five videos uploaded are a compilation of clips that appear to be from Seattle where he approaches perplexed people with the camera rolling and captures their, often livid, reactions.

In one case he approaches a man talking on a mobile phone sitting outside at a Starbucks.

"Excuse me," the customer asks.

"What's up," SurveillantCameraMan responds deadpan.

"What are we doing here?"

"Oh, taking a video."

"I'd appreciate it if you go somewhere else with that, okay."

"Oh, it's fine, it's just a video."

"It's offensive to me. Excuse me, I'm trying to have a private conversation, could you respect that?"

"It's just a video man."

"I hear you," says the man, now visibly angry. "I'm having a private conversation, would you please move?"

The scene ends with the customer swearing at the videographer and walking off.

While many comments include praise of the uploader for the entertainment value of the video, other commenters claim he is making a poignant argument about surveillance in general.

"I support (SurveillantCameraMan) in all that he's doing, the days of people minding their own business are dead and gone, you people better get with the times," one YouTube user wrote.

"The NSA spies on everything you do, and people don't care. This guy is just doing far less than what the NSA has been doing. Enjoy your surveillance state, Americans," wrote another.

"People will have greater self awareness. I like it," YouTube user ManufacturedLack wrote.

Not all YouTube users were impressed with the videos.

"He is annoying because he is clearly not there to look are criminal activity, he is an annoying teenage twat. His presence is annoying on that merit alone. Not because people hate cameras," wrote one.

"Unauthorized video taping falls under unauthorized wiretapping. This video taping is illegal, and you should stop this. I'm going to report your profile to youtube and suggest that law enforcement be notified," wrote another.

"I love how everyone is like 'I think it's great that he's doing this to show what the NSA is doing' when he's been posting them since October of last year. That means that he's doing it to be a D*** and not for something with this great 'subtext'," wrote Bootslol8762.

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