City restaurant has epic response to online complaint

FUNDRAISER: Kajoku's Mitsuko Bain (left) and Jeff Brady with a Yaki Soba dish ready for Sunday's fundraiser.
Kajoku's Mitsuko Bain (left) and Jeff Brady with a Yaki Soba dish. Elouise Quinlivan

KOREAN and Japanese restaurant Kajoku has responded epicly to an online complaint.

Kajoku, located at 430 Ruthven St, is one of the most popular Asian restaurants in town and often features in The Chronicle's polls of best food in town.

It serves a range of Japanese and Korean dishes, available in takeaway and dine-in.

One customer who recently visited the restaurant was not happy with her dish and left a review on Kajoku's Facebook page.

Julie David said: "Just ordered a chicken curry from the lunch menu. Worst Japanese curry I have ever tasted. Very greasy and chunks of fatty, grisly chicken thigh meat. I paid nearly $13 for this - very disappointing."

Kajoku response to complaint.
Kajoku response to complaint.

Kajoku is known for its sense of humour - even having a section on the menu for people with no friends (people eating alone) and a Donald Trump drink, the 3L Trump Tower which "won't turn you into an obnoxious orange parasite but it will make your hands appear freakishly small."

So there was no surprise when a team member responded in an hilarious fashion.

"Hi Julie, I tested our chicken curry dish after reading this, as I do with anything we receive complaints (next time, please complain about the stewed beef ribs - they're also delicious and I haven't  had the chance to eat them for a while). Without a hint of bias, I can say that I enjoyed this dish thoroughly.

"Sorry if it wasn't to your taste but we simply disagree - I found it delicious and neither grisly nor gristly (which I assume is what you meant). Yes indeed, we use chicken thing and leg meat in the dish - it is the tastiest part of the bird. And yes indeed are price are quite inexpensive, thanks for noticing."

The response did not satisfy Ms David who responded straight away.

"It's only taken you a month to reply. Well done. Customer satisfaction is obviously high on your list of priorities as a small business," she said.

Kajoku team members weren't phased with the reply and said: "Actually, Facebook doesn't give us notifications for visitor posts, we only see them when scrolling through the page. We will keep a better eye out for your next whinge."

Kajoku response to complaint.
Kajoku response to complaint.

Julie David: "Don't worry. I won't be eating your swill again."

Kajoku: "Imagine my despair."

Julie David: "Hope you don't mind if I share."

Kajoku: " Sharing is caring."

Ms David then went to share the post on Twitter advising people to give the restaurant a miss.

The one bad review is nothing compared to the many fantastic reviews Kajoku receives on Facebook, with an overall rating of 4.7 stars.