Clips show a new art dimension, a dollar challenge and seals

ONCE again the internet has been generous in providing videos that capture the imagination of people across this bright green globe.

The latest technology that is said to change manufacturing, design and ultimately the world we live in is 3D printing.

One group that is already embracing the technology is the art community.

3D printing not only allows artists to create extremely intricate patterns within three-dimensional objects, but, as shown in the first clip, it allows artists to create one-off, site-specific pieces on the cheap.

Speaking of cheap, the second video raises the old age question: what would you do for a dollar?

Lakeem, a man in a shiny pair of new sneakers, takes a seemingly harmless challenge with unexpected results.

Now, back to technology.

The availability of cheap high-quality mountable video cameras has created a enormous global archive of interesting vision that previously had only been available to those who had access to expensive video equipment.

The third video shows some interesting scenes that were captured by a GoPro camera attached to a surfboard and left in the middle of a body of water.