Clive goes big on Palmersaurus theme

JUST how many things can Clive Palmer put his name and face on?

A lot, judging by the mining magnate's latest move.

Mr Palmer recently lodged a trademark for Palmersaurus - the name of his dinosaur theme park at the Palmer Coolum resort.

The theme park will feature more than 160 replica dinosaurs when it is completed in early November.

According to a trademark application posted on the internet yesterday, Mr Palmer also plans to produce a long list of Palmersaurus merchandise.

Indeed, you might soon be able to start your morning with the billionaire mining magnate after he lodged a trademark for Palmersaurus breakfast cereal.

And the Palmersaurus lunchbox is sure to make your child the schoolyard envy of all his classmates.

For those with a sweet tooth, Mr Palmer is apparently planning a line of Palmersaurus sweets including biscuits, bakery products, pastries, cakes, gingerbread and ice creams.

What about a cold, frosty tin of delicious Palmersaurus beer, guaranteed to take the edge off after a long, hard day of ship building and sticking it to the LNP.

The document features a laundry list of potential Palmersaurus products including key rings, educational tools and videos, precious metals and stones, colouring books, clothing, hats, towels, rugs, toys and restaurants.