Clive Palmer’s history of traffic infringements has been revealed. File picture
Clive Palmer’s history of traffic infringements has been revealed. File picture

Palmer’s shocking traffic history revealed

BILLIONAIRE Clive Palmer has added another chapter to his shameful traffic history, copping a paltry fine over a crash that left a 92-year-old man and 74-year-old woman in hospital with broken bones.

The elderly pair had been travelling in their Hyundai i30 in March last year when Mr Palmer, driving his luxurious Mercedes-Benz S560, failed to give way at a Kenmore intersection, causing a collision.

Although Mr Palmer is known to use a chauffeur, it's not the first time his driving has landed him in hot water.

His lengthy traffic history shows more than 20 offences, including a series of speeding offences in which he was caught driving at more than 30km/h over the limit.

Police records from the March crash show the man and woman both suffered suspected broken sternums and bruising in the smash, while the man also suffered broken ribs in the collision on Moggill Rd outside the Kenmore Tavern on March 18.

Mr Palmer, the former Federal MP who has announced plans to contest the next federal election, did not front Brisbane Magistrates Court yesterday where he was due to appear on a charge of failing to give way when making a right turn at an intersection.

While the charge is usually dealt with via a ticket, The Courier-Mail understands Mr Palmer asked for the matter to go to court to be contested, but subsequently failed to show up.

The elderly crash victims were rushed to the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital by paramedics who attended the scene.

Mr Palmer was fined $440 for the traffic offence and ordered to pay almost $100 in court costs. The fines were referred to the State Penalties Enforcement Registry, which is responsible for the collection and enforcement of fines and penalties in Queensland.

Court records show he has not been dealt with by the court for traffic offences since 2012.

Mr Palmer and his media team did not respond to The Courier-Mail's requests for comment.