Our say: Closed court hindrance to open debate

Our say: THERE are two issues in our society that we need to have a frank and open conversation about nationwide.

Those two issues are domestic violence and suicide.

Unfortunately there is so much stigma attached to those issues that a frank and open discussion becomes almost impossible.

I see it year in and year out at the Chronicle - domestic violence cases mean a closed court, except in cases where domestic violence orders are breached.

A 'non-suspicious death', often a euphemism for suicide, automatically means we don't report on it, except maybe in exceptional circumstances.

How can we possibly have a discussion that means anything when it is clear that society is not ready to openly discuss and investigate these issues?

Why is it that an assault on a stranger can be openly reported but a husband assaulting his wife needs to be dealt with behind closed doors?

Every year we report on the tragedy of car crashes to try to save other lives, to open people's eyes to possible dangers on our roads.

Isn't the same principle relevant when it comes to suicide?

Nothing will change until we can lift the stigma on these two issues and bring them into the light.

And unless we want many more lives to be lost, it's about time we changed our attitudes on both fronts.