Forest Rider owner Leilani Reiter manufactures her unique range of clothing in Imbil.
Forest Rider owner Leilani Reiter manufactures her unique range of clothing in Imbil.

Clothing line captures Mary Valley essence

FORESTRIDER is about the unique vibe that exists in the Mary Valley, according to creator of the brand, Leilani Reiter.

Ms Reiter's unique Hinterland apparel has been worn in Alaska, Germany and England and is shipped across the country to people looking for a way to capture that Imbil essence.

"Forestrider came from a bit of a muck around session. Ripcurl is all about the coast but we thought it was about time the Hinterland had its own ap

parel," she said.

The name itself was utilised a number of years ago by her long term partner, Brett McInnes, when he used to run a trail bike tour business through the Imbil State Forest.

Unfortunately, there were changes to forestry rules, and with the sudden jump in insurance costs, that business was forced to close, but Mr McInnes now operates a window tinting business.

Ms Reiter's skills as a graphic designer were often called on to assist with Mr McInnes business, Optic Window Tinting, but Ms Reiter was looking for something more to stretch her design chops.

"There was a fair bit of sign-writing and vinyl cutting associated with Optic, but I thought how cool would it be to have our own brand on a T-shirt," she said.

Ms Reiter is a busy mum, not only helping her partner with his business, but home schooling their two boys and filling customer orders for Forestrider, which has a shop front in Imbil.

"I basically treat it as an outlet store and (I) Facebook opening times or open (the store) so people can pick up their order," she said. "I'm trying to build up the online presence." You can check out the Forestrider line of apparel at or search Forestrider on Instagram or Facebook.