Coaches put forward bold new ideas for Aussie Rules games

INCREASING the minimum kick distance for a mark to 20m, introducing a mid-season draft and playing more games on Thursday nights as opposed to Sunday nights.

They were some of the ideas put forward by coaches in response to a recent survey conducted by the AFL Coaches' Association and AFL Media.

Not all of the responses supported changing rules or procedures, one coach simply said: "Leave game alone".

The biggest consensus was in relation to the interchange cap of 80 per match, with 80% saying that figure was workable. There was also a significant rejection of representative footy, with 73% saying they were not in favour of resurrecting that concept.

About 60% were in favour of a mid-season draft, and 70% said they would like to see clubs with high injury tolls be able to sign free agents from state and other leagues during the season.