BREAKING: Drugs, cash and a loaded pistol have been seized in raids across Toowoomba this morning.

Toowoomba Tactical Crime Squad officers raided three addresses - including an inner-city motel - this morning, allegedly uncovering stashes of cocaine, MDMA, cannabis, steroids and cash in the Garden City.

Police will allege three men and a woman found inside the motel room this morning were in possession of a large quantity of cocaine and a loaded pistol which had been declared stolen last year.

Darling Downs TCS Senior Sergeant Scott Stahlhut said the three raids were unrelated but a result of police intelligence.

Officers allege a 20-year-old Middle Ridge man was found with a stash of anabolic steroids in the first of the three raids.

Police allege a large qunatity of cocaine was found in an inner-city motel in Toowoomba this morning.
Police allege a large qunatity of cocaine was found in an inner-city motel in Toowoomba this morning. Tara Miko

A 20-year-old man was arrested and charged at a North Toowoomba property allegedly in possession of cocaine and other drug-related items.

Both men have been charged and are on bail, due to appear in the Toowoomba Magistrates Court next month.

Snr Sgt Stahlhut said officers were yet to determine the identities of the four people found at the motel room, but said they were "assisting police with their inquiries".

"At this point police are endeavouring to establish the identity and movements prior to this morning," he said.

"The gun we located, we do believe it to be stolen.

"We understand it was stolen along with a number of other firearms in a burglary offence in the Darling Downs district in 2015."

Snr Sgt Stahlhut described the amount of cocaine allegedly located in the motel room as "concerning".

"It's not massive by any stretch but for a town like Toowoomba, it certainly is a concerning amount of cocaine," he said.

"We would suggest the person in possession is certainly intending to supply or traffic the drug."

Snr Sgt Stahlhut said investigations were continuing and would probe whether the drugs were intended for the local market across a busy Toowoomba weekend.

"This weekend is a very busy weekend for Toowoomba," he said.

"There are various events on.

"(There is) certainly every chance that is a consideration in the minds of these people."