Code black: Prisoners’ makeshift weapons amid virus tensions

A PRISON riot and other major "code" incidents have taken place across the state's jails today as inmates continue to show frustration over coronavirus visitation measures.

The Courier-Mail has been told up to 15 prisoners were involved in a "code black" riot at Woodford jail today in which they made makeshift weapons and smashed glass.

Officers had to cut their way into unit N15 and use gas after prisoners ripped phones off the walls, made weapons out of chairs and glass and threw urine into an officer station.

"This was a big one," an officer told The Courier-Mail.


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Code silver: Prisoners on roof of jail

Prisoners at Woodford Correctional Centre have had visits from family and friends banned because of coronavirus measures.
Prisoners at Woodford Correctional Centre have had visits from family and friends banned because of coronavirus measures.

"Staff figured out they were going to try to get on the roof when they got their oval access.

"When they went to foil the code silver (rooftop incident) half the prisoners stayed in and half went into the exercise yard.

"They started pulling phones off the wall, pulling chairs apart to make weapons, they shattered the shatter proof glass, they threw bottles of urine into the officer's station.

"They armed themselves with improvised weapons and shards of glass."

The officer said prisoners appeared to be agitated by coronavirus measures which have banned visits from family and friends and questioned if that could also relate to how the prisoners accessed drugs.

At Borallon jail a "code silver" incident has been reported, after prisoners took to the rooftop.

At Maryborough jail a "code purple", which means an external threat, has been reported after a drone was seen flying near the prison.

A Queensland Corrective Services spokesman tonight confirmed the multiple incidents.

"QCS can confirm that a number of prisoners at Woodford Correctional Centre caused a disturbance this afternoon," he said.

"A chemical agent was used when a number of prisoners became non compliant, and the situation was resolved with no reported injuries to officers or prisoners.

"The prison is in lockdown for the evening."

The spokesman also confirmed three prisoners were currently on the Borallon jail rooftop.

"The centre has gone into lockdown and officers are attempting to engage with the prisoners," he said.

"A drone was reported to be flying near the Maryborough Correctional Centre this afternoon. There have been no further sightings and nothing was located following a search of the grounds of the prison."







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