His burglary spree lasted months and spanned a swathe of southeast Queensland. (File)
His burglary spree lasted months and spanned a swathe of southeast Queensland. (File) Pxhere

Coke can evidence after 'desperation' burglary spree

A SERIAL burglar had a taste for fancy electronic goods - but also for a humble orange juice and soft drink.

Kerry Allan Hall left plenty of evidence behind after a burglary binge across Ipswich, Gatton and the Sunshine Coast.

Brisbane District Court heard Hall, 42, made little effort to hide his tracks.

The father who previously had drug problems stole computers, an iPad and a motorbike.

But for one crime he was busted when fingerprints were found on Coke cans.

On Tuesday, prosecutor Toby Corsbie said a motorbike the 42-year-old pinched was later found written off.

Hall's spree cost at least $39,000 - not including "unquantified" losses to victims.

Defence counsel Patrick Wilson said Hall wanted to turn his life around - partly because he recently discovered he had a daughter.

Hall, who appeared by videolink from Maryborough prison, volunteered in jail by fostering dogs that would help children with disabilities.

Mr Wilson said Hall grew up "on the streets" and drugs "ruined his life".

Mr Wilson said his client "can't believe how stupid he is" for landing in jail.

Hall pleaded guilty and was sentenced on 15 charges, mostly burglary and stealing.

The spree started in August 2016.

During one offence, Hall drank some orange juice and left the rest behind, Judge Bernard Porter said.

Hall later took his burglary tour to Mooloolaba, in one heist taking goods worth about $10,000.

Hall said financial pressure motivated the thefts.

The judge said Hall also cited threats and debts his partner had faced from unspecified people.

"You also said you had no food or money," the judge added.

Judge Porter said Hall made "no realistic attempt to conceal" his crimes, which reflected "desperation".

The judge said the burglaries caused distress to innocent people.

Hall got three years jail.

Due to time already served in custody, he'll be released on parole on October 29. -NewsRegional