Coldest May day so far

GYMPIE residents shivered through the coldest May morning yet yesterday with the mercury dropping to 4.1 degrees.

It was a repeat of one-year-and-two-days ago when residents experienced another cold 4.1 degree morning on May 12.

The temperature was well below the 10.8-degree average for May as recorded on the Bureau of Meteorology website, but higher than the lowest recorded temperature for May minus 0.9 degrees back in 2006.

But it seems the worst is yet to come, as last year's lowest temperature on a winter day reached a chilling minus 1.3 degrees in July.

The lowest in June last year was 1.1 degrees and in August 0.8 degrees was the lowest.

So pull out some more woollies as the Gympie region is set for more crisp days ahead.

Meanwhile, the coldest winter day recorded was minus 4.3 degrees on July 20, 2007 and close to that record was the coldest June day, minus 3.3 in 1971.

The forecast is for a 7 degree start this morning, but from tomorrow a more agreeable 12 and 11 degrees with maximums in the 23-24 degree range.

Let's hope the weather forecast of a possible shower is wrong for this Friday and Saturday, Gympie Show days.

Today and tomorrow should be mostly sunny. A possible shower could dampen Sunday and Monday.

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