Cole Miller died after an alleged coward punch attack in Brisbane.
Cole Miller died after an alleged coward punch attack in Brisbane.

Cole Miller's accused killer struggles to explain himself

ONE of the teenagers charged with the one-punch death of former Sunshine Coast teen Cole Miller claims he has "difficulty explaining" his actions on the night and wants to return to Melbourne on bail.

Daniel Lee Jermaine Maxwell will apply for bail in the Brisbane Supreme Court on Thursday.

Mr Maxwell and Armstong Renata have been charged with unlawful striking causing the death of Mr Miller on the night of January 3.

In documents tendered to the court for the application Mr Maxwell said he is "not naturally a violent person" and rarely drinks.

He said he had moved to Melbourne from New Zealand to play rugby - and was in Brisbane on a "working holiday" as his cousin had offered him roofing work.

"I have difficulty explaining my actions on that particular evening. I had consumed alcohol prior to the incident," he said.

"I am not naturally a violent person. I also rarely drink alcohol."

He said Mr Renata was an "associate at best" who was the brother of his cousin's girlfriend. Mr Maxwell said he, Mr Renata and some other friends were out to celebrate his birthday.

The document quotes from the police record of the night which alleged Mr Maxwell asked his friends: "Do you want to see something funny?".

He then approached Mr Miller and said "Do you want to fight one on one?" before throwing punches at Mr Miller and another man.

The police documents allege Mr Maxwell denies he hit the two with the punches but said Renata "circled around behind victim Miller and punched him in the head".

Mr Maxwell said if granted bail he intends on returning to Melbourne where he lived with a religious family and regularly attended church. He said he had worked as an apprentice barber with the family and hoped to do so if granted bail.