Coles Minis Mayhem.
Coles Minis Mayhem. Stuart Quinn

Coles toys: what sort of future faces our kids?

A letter to the editor by Dave Freeman:

How low can 'we' go?

I was far away, in a place where plastic bags are simply banned and nobody seems to struggle to cope, when the very intermittent communications allowed me to read The Gympie Times website and I was confronted with the most pathetic reading I can ever recall, that banning single use plastic bags is "PC gone mad”.

The inability to adjust to such a simple thing as having your own bags, emptying them after shopping and then putting them back in your vehicle for next time is small minded idiocy "gone mad” but even that pales to insignificance compared to Coles and it's backflips in pandering to those so afflicted, and then backflipping again.

But not to be beaten in stupidity and hypocrisy Coles go one step further by, without asking (and doing the card thing I missed it the first time), putting stupid PLASTIC, toy replicas of their sponsoring supplier's products into people's shopping.

If not for they having some products I can't get elsewhere, and possibly even with that in mind, Coles' actions with this waste will see me boycott them whenever possible. Including rubbish in shopping, unsolicited, defies any logic and any respect for our wishes or our environment but very sadly seems to respect the narrow minded and easily distracted mindset of the consumer society we live in, to a point of "madness”.

I suggest that any who willingly collect such rubbish as these toys, presumably for their kids or grand-kids, have a good look at what sort of future their offspring will face if "we” don't change our ways.

Around the world even struggling, "developing” countries are taking action to try to reverse the damage we're doing to the planet with plastic, but here, probably based on absolutely nothing but an ill-conceived 'need' to hate the greens and anything associated with them, "we” sit in our decadence and willingly pollute and destroy to satisfy very simplistic "wants”.

Aiding and abetting multinational corporations in polluting young minds, and our planet, supporting their greed by supporting the making and distribution of utter rubbish such these toys may not be PC but it surely is "ma”. It's ignorance beyond any I wish to comprehend.

It isn't stopping plastic bags that's "mad”. With all the facts and knowledge available to make better choices "madness” is being wilfully ignorant and deliberately polluting.

Madness is also continually electing rubbish MPs who do very little and rely on espousing such rot as doing sensible things being "PC gone mad” to retain mindless, rusted on, votes.

Dave Freeman,

Cedar Pocket