Rattler and Pre Muster
Rattler and Pre Muster Contributed

Collapse of one of Gympie's best events an 'utter disgrace'


WHAT an utter disgrace there is no Muster Party - can't find $600-$1000.

One of the biggest and best events for Gympie for the year.

The money could have easily been recouped with the Rattler running several times daily to the nearby station.

Tourism is what we want but a lot are not going to come back.

Our local people wait for this event every year. Shops decorated, people dressing up, wonderful atmosphere. Shops in Mary St that are vacant will never open if this happens.

If the council can't afford the $600-$1000 for insurance perhaps it's time for whip around for a great event, but it's too late now. We are becoming a dead town.

I Regan,

Tin Can Bay