Letter writer not happy with the service she has been getting from Australia Post deliveries.
Letter writer not happy with the service she has been getting from Australia Post deliveries. Tony Martin

Come on Australia Post! Not happy


Come on Australia Post

A NICE gift is a subscription to my favourite magazine.

I am now up to 17 of 25. The first one arrived on the Wednesday, then I had Thursday's and Friday's.

One week none, but two the following week.

As they are in the shops Monday I was getting frustrated so emailed the magazine only to be told it was the fault of Australia Post.

My children have been told no more subscriptions but I still feel upset as I enjoyed not having to go to the shop to purchase the magazine.

Come on Australia Post!

Joan Cuskelly,



Qld hospitality needs to lift its game

MY WIFE and I, from time to time, see television advertisements put out by the Queensland Government, urging us to support Queensland small businesses.

Recently, we undertook two driving trips. We went to Longreach and back, then to Kuranda and back.

It was decided before we left that as these trips were to be once in a lifetime events, we were not going to tow caravans, do cooking and such like; we were going to stay in motels and eat in restaurants.

What a disappointment.

We expected the motels to be, at least, comparable to our own home - no such luck.

It did not matter what price we paid, each and every one we stayed in was, as far as we are concerned, sub-standard.

They all seemed to be in need of being maintained.

Air conditioners so old and noisy that they would wake the dead. Beds and mattresses that were worn out. Locks that did not work. Broken, insecure window latches. All the signage in the rooms telling of the dangers of not securing your room and, limiting the liability of the owner yet, we could not lock the windows and in some cases, the doors.

Showers with water saving nozzles. Showers that did not work, the list could go on and on.

If I am going to be asked to support these kinds of small businesses then I should get value for my money, not the least possible service and comfort for the biggest amount of money possible.

As for eating in restaurants, forget it.

If Queensland is to become a tourist destination we tourists have a right to expect better than back packer accommodation and greasy spoon food.

Andrew Excell,



Same sex marriage

"SHOULD we approve same sex marriage” is, in essence, the question being asked in the plebiscite.

It's a matter of origins. If we got here by natural means, by a series fortunate accidents, then what does it matter? To each his own - make your own choices.

It will affect our lives though.

But if we have been placed here by a creator who has standards for us, and if we will be answerable to him at the end of our days for what we have done, and what we have approved, then this decision will have profound consequences.

And if there are consequences for nations, Australia will not be exempt (Proverbs 14:34).

Malcolm Turnbull told us that nothing of consequence has happened in Ireland since they legalised same sex marriage. But that was less than two years ago. God's consequences happen in his time (Matt 23:34-38). E.g. Jerusalem was destroyed and the surviving Jews driven from their land 37 years or more after they rejected and crucified Christ.

But God wants to forgive and reward, not punish, so he allows us time to get right with him (2 Peter 3:9).

Is there a creator? Although the idea of intelligent design is widely denigrated, the origin of life is impossible without a creator, and many other things cannot be satisfactorily explained.

Tony Cronin,

Pine Street Church of Christ