FRED Brophy's Boxing Troupe has ventured to regional towns all over the country.

When the iconic boxing tent arrives in town, it offers a rare opportunity for brave punters to go from being a spectator to potentially the crowd favourite in the ring.

This weekend, South Burnett residents have their chance to go toe to toe with the bush boxers.

Brophy said there were many reasons people were keen to get the gloves on and take on his fighters.

"I think it's on the bucket list," he said.

"They know they won't get hurt because I am right there to stop the fight."


Brophy said stepping into his ring was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as he ran the last travelling boxing tent in the country.

"They know when I go they won't get another chance," he said.

The appeal for the brave amateurs who enter the ring goes beyond the thrill of the fight.

"Of course their girlfriends are there, and even if they haven't got a girlfriend, they will have after the fight," Brophy said.

Brophy said there was no way to describe what a night of boxing in his tent was like.

"You really can't explain it. You have to come and see it for yourself," he said.

Fred Brophy's Boxing Troupe will be at the Kilkivan Hotel on Saturday April 6 from 7pm.

For more information, call the Kilkivan Hotel on 5484 1125.

Fred Brophy Boxing Troupe:
Fred Brophy Boxing Troupe: