‘I was just declined at Maccas’: Mass Comm Bank outage

FRUSTRATED customers of Commonwealth Bank have been warned to "get someone else to buy them dinner" after major outages on Wednesday left them without the ability to use their accounts.

Credit card balances disappeared both from the major bank's smartphone app and its online banking facility, NetBank, around 8am according to Aussie Outages, instead showing only the funds customers had in savings. BPAY and PayPal are also reportedly affected while users have expressed frustration over Travel cards being declined overseas.

Yet eight hours later, the problem still appeared to be affecting customers, with one user complaining: "Got a fair few angry customers at my place of work".

Other customers report not receiving their paid wages and some busines sowners are complaining they are losing money over lost transactions.

Other customers complained of a domino effect, including running late to pick up children and others being left red-faced at checkout counters.

The bank has not yet announced an ETA over when the problem will be solved despite telling news.com.au it was a "matter of priority".

Commonwealth Bank told news.com.au: "We're aware some customers may be experiencing intermittent issues with NetBank, CommBank app and CommBiz.

"We know that some merchant terminals are also impacted. For our customers impacted by this issue we are sorry, please be assured we are working on this as a matter of priority."

The Commonwealth Bank's digital problems also appeared to wipe out the balances of home and personal loans, travel money card accounts, and affected bill payments using BPAY.

The outage also left some Commonwealth Bank customers stranded at various locations across Australia, including McDonald's, check-outs and on public transport.