The Daily Examiner print edition has documented events as they happen in the Clarence Valley for 161 years. The last print edition will be Saturday, 27th June, 2020. The Daily Examiner will continue as a digital-only news outlet.
The Daily Examiner print edition has documented events as they happen in the Clarence Valley for 161 years. The last print edition will be Saturday, 27th June, 2020. The Daily Examiner will continue as a digital-only news outlet.

Community reacts to decision to end print

ON MAY 28, 2020 NewsCorp announced it would cease printing the majority of its regional and community publications, including The Daily Examiner.

From June 29, 11 of the 12 daily titles and all non-dailies acquired by NewsCorp from APN News & Media in 2017 will transition to digital only.

The only remaining former ARM title that will continue printing is the Toowoomba Chronicle, along with NT News, Cairns Post, Townsville Bulletin, Gold Coast Bulletin, Geelong Advertiser and Hobart Mercury.

In total there will be 92 digital only regional and community mastheads, each continuing to offer readers rolling coverage, electronic alerts and newsletters, while delivering richer audio and video content and deeper local sport coverage and community debate.
The Daily Examiner has received a number of letters from the community in reaction to the decision.


Calls for campaign to keep printed newspaper alive

I SEE reports that most regional newspapers in the News Corp group will cease production of their printed newspapers and retain only their digital version. This includes The Daily Examiner.

While the younger, tech savvy members of our community will cope, the majority of Clarence Valley residents fall outside this group and will lose their source of news, current affairs and more importantly the community information provided through their daily paper.

Invariably the centralisation of the various digital issues will, in future, result in a reduction or cancellation of this local content.

The Clarence Valley has long been a great supporter of appeals, often championed by The Daily Examiner, for individuals who have encountered disasters and hardships or issues which affect us all. You are the obvious organisation to initiate a campaign for a local group to form, raise funds and re-establish The Daily Examiner as a truly local, community newspaper, independent of the corporate costs and controls associated with News Corp.

A daily newspaper is the heart of any community - don't let us lose it through inaction.

John Pullinger


Former editor's son expresses sadness for DEX

AS A SON of a former editor, I am very sad to hear that The Daily Examiner is to cease publication in print.

The paper has excelled in quality of writing, depth of coverage of local news, and editorial independence (even if its leaders always seemed to end up supporting the old Country Party!).

Experience suggests it will be hard to maintain standards in a purely online format, and I am sorry for the paper's journalists, those who sell and distribute it, and the people of Grafton and the broader Valley. To whose lives it has been central for so long.

John Moorhead



JOHN MOORHEAD: The editor with a library of knowledge


Support local journalists by switching to digital

TO ALL at The Daily Examiner, many thanks for your commitment to the Deadly Examiner in 2020.


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On another note, very disheartened to lose our print copy of DEX.

Early morning walks will not be the same; nothing like picking up a copy and heading home for a cuppa and read of local happenings.

I do take heart in the fact we can still access the local news albeit in a different format. Let's support some members of our community who enjoy DEX but may not have the technology or confidence to go digital.

It's a challenging era, where many good people are losing their jobs in the Clarence Valley and services are being removed to larger towns; we need to work together as a community to ensure we maintain our local Daily Examiner and the talented and committed staff who make up the service.

I'm an old school paper/book reader but count me in for signing up for the digital DEX.

Julie Perkins
Clarence Valley Healing Centre


ED'S NOTE: I thank our letter writers for their heartfelt and kind words about the significance of this publication to the Clarence community - both in print and online - and the ongoing efforts from its current, former and soon-to-be former staff. When we become digital-only from June 29, so will Letters to the Editor. Please continue to share your views via email to


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