Gympie Gold Fins secretary Kate Cartwright enjoys contributing to her childrens’ swimming club.
Gympie Gold Fins secretary Kate Cartwright enjoys contributing to her childrens’ swimming club. Renee Pilcher

Community spirit is afloat at Gold Fins club

Q. How long have you been with Gympie Gold Fins for?

A. My eldest daughter started about three-and-half seasons ago.

Q. What's your role at Gold Fins?

A. I am the secretary and I also share the role of publicity officer and presentation night co-coordinator. (I used to have a mantra - don't drink shots and don't go to AGMs but then you see people taking on several roles and you realise that you need to contribute if you want your kids to continue to be in sport.)

Q. Are you much of a swimmer yourself?

A. As a swimmer I make a very good secretary.

My whole family grew up swimming for the then Gympie Swimming Club, which at that time included national swimmers like our coach Elizabeth Manthey, Jackie Grant and Tracey Lewis.

There was a lot of billeting back then so young swimmers got to spend "close up" time with their heroes.

Q. What do you enjoy about getting down to the pool over summer?

A. Watching the children with their friends and the familiarity of the swimming families.

Q. How is the season going so far for Gold Fins?

A. With a whole new group of swimmers this season the club has a very optimistic feel and a wonderful group of parents have come on board.

With some of our more senior swimmers relocating or retiring we are in a rebuilding phase and the new swimmers are just what the club needs.

We already have several swimmers qualified for the Queensland State Sprint Championships in February.

Q. How was the Gold Rush Sprint Meet on the weekend?

A. A wonderful day. We have had great feedback from visiting clubs and our swimmers performed very well from the least experienced through to our oldest swimmers.

Q. Where did you learn to swim?

A. In the deep end (which is now in the middle) of the Gympie Memorial pool. Mr Craine threw me in and I started from there.

Q. Do you have time for playing sport?

A. I play hockey in the summer and my dog takes me for walks most days (we like to chase cars).

Q. What about sport on TV?

A. I love the Olympics and I'm happy to watch Origin if we are winning.

Q. What do you do in your spare time?

A. I am learning piano from an incredibly patient and generous teacher and I have a very social group of friends who are trying to read a lot more in our book club, which has just celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Q. Favourite things about Gympie Gold Fins?

A. Our committee - quite a funny optimistic group of people. Our kids - a pretty tough bunch especially in the colder months before the pool heats up.

Q. What's special about the Gympie Gold Fins when they are at competitions?

A. Our crew is split into families trying out meets for the first time and the more seasoned swimmers who attend higher level meets also.

At all these meets the parents are very happy to volunteer their time for timekeeping and other official roles.

At overnight meets we enjoy a slower relaxed time but everyone supports each other's children.

Q. Will you be by the pool for Christmas?

A. Yes.


Player profile

Name: Kate Cartwright

Favourite Christmas treat: Wine. Sorry, I mean chicken.

Favourite TV program: Moody Christmas

Favourite music: Megan Washington, Missy Higgins and Sia are my faves.

Favourite quote: I learnt this from a wonderful student in my class at Widgee State School: "Knowledge is knowing that tomato is a fruit, wisdom is knowing not to put it in the fruit salad". I'm sure this will come in handy at some time in my life. Thanks Addison.

Memorable moment in sport: Sam Stosur winning the US Open last year. She is such a wonderfully gracious and resilient role model for our kids. (That and watching Gus Gould make excuses every time New South Wales loses Origin.)