ON TRACK: Agronomist John Hall with industrial hemp during the breeding process.
ON TRACK: Agronomist John Hall with industrial hemp during the breeding process. Eliza Goetze

Plans to grow 850,000 marijuana trees in Bundy

BUNDABERG'S horticultural horizons are about to be expanded.

The Hydroponics Company Limited has selected the region as one of the places for the production of medicinal marijuana.

THC has planned capacity in Bundaberg of 850,000 clones per year with additional capacity for partners.

Yesterday, THC made an announcement to the Australian Stock Exchange about its $16.68 million Southport manufacturing facility, which will handle Bundaberg's crops once production is up and running.

An expert in cannabis strain development and agronomy, John Hall said Bundaberg was selected because of his team's lengthy research, which took place in the city.

"The reason is we have been researching cannabis for nearly 20 years," he said.

"We have a nursery and plan to produce clones through cuttings and tissue culture."

Mr Hall is also the Bundaberg manager of Canndeo Limited.

Mr Hall stressed the importance of having the clones genetically identical and the "very high level" of security and detailed records associated with the growth of medicinal marijuana.

"There's cameras everywhere, we can see everything 24/7," he said.

While the news of Bundaberg's involvement in the medicinal world is moving forward, production is not yet underway.

"The final step of production is permits (for manufacturing)," Mr Hall said.

"We are expecting it to go ahead in the next few months."

Mr Hall said they were now 18 months in and while it had been a "slow process", the Southport pharmaceutical manufacturing facility would see the next phase of growth.

"It is envisaged that the Southport manufacturing facility will produce high-quality pharmaceutical-grade GMP medicinal cannabis products and THC has secured more than 60,000sq m for medicinal cannabis cultivation in NSW with capacity to cultivate 600,000 plants per year in organic, greenhouse conditions, or 300,000 plants open-field, with products to be manufactured at Southport," the company said yesterday.

THC chairman Steven Xu said he believed their long-term vision encompassing local and international manufacturing and distribution and strong commercial alliances would ensure the company's success as a leader in the global medicinal marijuana industry.

For more information about THC visit www.thcl.com.au