Wild pig forums held to discuss growing menace

THREE feral animal control forums were held at Wolvi, Tansey and Kandanga recently, giving Gympie region landholders information on control measures.

The council's lands protection officer, Ben Curley, said the forums were part of a State Government grant project.

"Funding was made available in drought-affected areas with a feral animal problem," he said.

"The biggest two problems are wild dogs and feral pigs."

The rural group Ag-force has also been involved. Special projects officer Damien Ferguson said pigs on some macadamia farms could eat up to $60 worth of nuts per pig per night.

"Some farmers have been forced out of business. Others have had to spend large sums of money undertaking control measures."

It was not only a crop that was destroyed but also a lot of small wildlife such as burrowing frogs.

"They foul waterways and are implicated in spreading some serious diseases to humans.

"Leptospirosis, brucellosis and ross river fever, serious and sometimes fatal diseases are carried and spread by wild pig populations."

Control measures, such as exclusion fencing, using "ringlock" wire with barb and a hot wire nearer the ground, plus a wire mesh apron on the ground on the outside of the fence, worked best, he said.The Gympie Council and MRCCC have pig traps and information, Mr Ferguson said.