Converging winds could push another 75mm on us

UP to 75mm of rain could fall in Gympie in the next week as stubborn showers set in across the region and pick out coastal areas for higher totals.

To the south at Tewantin 82mm was recorded overnight, while Gympie fell well shy with 11mm, a trend that could continue into the weekend.

Converging winds are deciding where the biggest totals fall across the south east driven by a trough above the region and a ridge along the coast, Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Alex Majchrowski said.


Rain will
Rain will "come and go" this week according to BoM forecaster Alex Majchrowski Photo courtesy of Weatherzone.


"It really depends where they converge as to where we're going to get the higher totals.

"It's the coastal areas that are going to get more rainfall."

Gympie can expect up to 5mm today in the form of showers most likely in the late morning and afternoon.

Showers and a possible storm are expected tomorrow with the chance of more rain increasing on Thursday with a possible 15mm.

It is likely to drop again before increasing on Sunday when up to 35mm is expected.

Less cloud cover tomorrow and Wednesday will lead to an increase in temperature - from a maximum of 29C today to 33C on Thursday.