Kim Marie Scofield insists she did not defraud her close friend and boss.
Kim Marie Scofield insists she did not defraud her close friend and boss.

Convicted fraud insists she never took $30k from friend

A WOMAN who illegally took $33,000 from her close friend continues to deny the crime and claim she is innocent.

Sunshine Coast local Kim Marie Scofield has appealed her fraud conviction, telling the Queensland Court of Appeal the jury that convicted her did so unreasonably.

Scofield pleaded not guilty in May to defrauding $33,000 from her friend and employer Lynda Simpson and Ms Simpson's company Bazaar Marketing Pty Ltd.

The offending happened over more than three years, from December 2012 to February 2016.

At her trial, Scofield repeatedly claimed Ms Simpson agreed to pay her a 20 per cent commission on the business's forecast profit of $200,000.

She transferred the bulk of the funds while she was working and living with Ms Simpson.

Scofield also transferred $4435 to herself and tried to conceal it as a reimbursement to Ms Simpson's account.

A jury convicted the 53-year-old and she was sentenced to two and a half years in jail, suspended after serving eight months.

On Tuesday, Scofield asked the Queensland Court of Appeal to overturn the conviction, again saying Ms Simpson authorised the payments.

Her defence counsel also told the court that evidence given by two people close to Scofield should have been considered by the jury as backing up the defendant's claims.

The Crown has opposed the application, with the Courrt of Appeal's justices to deliver their judgment on a future date. - NewsRegional