AWARDS NIGHT: Cooloola Christian College's 2018 Dux of College Grace Finney.
AWARDS NIGHT: Cooloola Christian College's 2018 Dux of College Grace Finney. Troy Jegers

Cooloola Christian College celebrates successes of 2018

COOLOOLA Christian College principal Trevor Norman's celebration and thanksgiving address to the Secondary Presentation night on Thursday:

"Good evening parents, students, staff, board members and friends of Cooloola Christian College. I would also like to welcome our special guests - Pastor Daniel Saunders, Garry Davidson from Jobmatch, Mrs Michelle Perret (representing Tony Perrett, State Member for Gympie) and Callum Lee from USC.

I would like to say thank you to all of you for being part of our community. Everybody contributes a great deal to our college and you have all helped Cooloola Christian College to become recognised as a great place to learn.

One of the great strengths of our college is the way in which we are able to help young people grow to be helpful, positive, caring and service-oriented community members. Many of our students have engaged in many different service activities this year. These have included visits to our elderly friends in the community, visiting younger students to help them with their learning, heading across the driveway to engage with our other young friends over at Gympie South. We have also been involved in community events such as Anzac Day and visiting the Growers Markets. We believe that it is so important that we are contributing as much as we can in our community and we are so proud of our students who are doing just that.

The end of year is not the time for giving inspirational speeches for the new school year - it should really happen at the start of the year. However, I would like to challenge every one of us, myself included, to think about what we can do over the seven weeks of the holidays that are fast approaching. How are you going to spend your time?

I would like you to think about how much of that time are you going to give that will make a difference to someone else. It may be helping someone in your family, or your neighbour. You might make the very small gesture of picking up a little bit of rubbish as you walk down Mary Street in the holidays. You might stop to help someone in a shopping centre who is struggling to reach an item on the higher shelves.

These may seem like small gestures, but it is developing your character, these small actions are shaping you into your future self. I could tell you all about the research and the science of helping others, how it has massive emotional and physical health benefits to you, but more importantly, I want you to bless someone else because you are so blessed. We live in a rich country, we have a great community, we have a great school and great churches to attend, our community leaders are doing great work to help Gympie continue to be a great place to live and raise a family. So, as the old saying goes, count your blessings, and then make a real effort to bless others.

God has given us such a great abundance, He continues to bless us all personally and He has richly blessed our school, and we thank Him for all that He has done.

Thank you for another great year, and I encourage you to take up the challenge of being a blessing to others this holiday break.”

Special Awards

Years 7 to 12

DUX of College - Grace Finney.

Female Sports Champion - Molly Hodgson.

Male Sports Champion - Jack Hodgson.

Caltex Best Allrounder Award - Jordan Shelley.

Rotary Best Allrounder Award - Timothy Collins.

USC Rise and Shine Awards - Tommie Pienaar and Dané Lamprecht.

Australian Defence Force Awards - Kate Davis (Year 10) and Breanna Davis (Year 12).

Finney Maths Lab Award - Emily Kernick and Emily Williams.

Excellence in Information Technology Award - Justin Warner.

Excellence in Arts Award - Kate Davis.

Secondary Enrichment Unit Award - Emma Cordell.

Jobmatch Student Scholarship Bursary - Jenna Melidonis.

Christian Character Awards: Year 7 - Hannah Shelley, Year 8 - Taleisha Marshall, Year 9 - Lydia Ellingsen, Year 10 - Dané Lamprecht, Year 11 - Noah Collins, Year 12 - Jordan Shelley.

Duke of Edinburgh Awards (Bronze) - Rhiannon Cox, Kate Davis & Mackenzie Granshaw.

Duke of Edinburgh Awards (Silver) - Emily Williams.

Instrumental Music Awards: Brass/Woodwind Simona Mahoney, Percussion Connor Davies, Guitar Kate Davis, Piano Hayden Kernick.


YEAR 7: Xavier Gomes English & Humanities, Brock Morgan English & Mathematics, Melissa Monssen HPE, Grace Barnett Science, Digital Technology, Music & Spanish, Hannah Shelley Drama, Jordan Jenkin Home Economics & Industrial Technology, Carn Groth Outdoor Education, Talia Harris Visual Art.

YEAR 8: Savannah Sutton English, Humanities, Art & Home Economics, Samuel Kropp Health & Physical Education, Hayden Kernick Mathematics, Science, Digital Technology & Spanish, Ariel Bunter Drama, Mikayla Hold Digital Technology, Mackenzie Bunter Industrial Technology, Emma Clifford Outdoor Education.

YEAR 9: Adele Finney Mathematics, Graphic Design, Fibre Technology, English, History & Science, Lydia Harris Digital Technology & Food Technology, Charlee Griffiths Global Citizenship, Molly Hodgson Industrial Technology, Outdoor Education & Visual Art, Lydia Ellingsen Media Arts & History, Joel Harris Health & Physical Education.

YEAR 10: Kate Davis English, Mathematics, Drama & Outdoor Education, Emma Kraak Health & Physical Education & Music, Dané Lamprecht History, Global Citizenship & Outdoor Education, Michael Benoit Science, Tommie Pienaar Science, Graphic Design & Digital Technology, Addison Shearer Food Technology, Aimee Rohde Fibre Technology, Connor Davies Industrial Technology, Georgia Pike Media Arts, Hailey Belling Visual Art.

YEAR 11: Toiya Dengate Biology, Legal Studies & Modern History, Rhiannon Cox Business, Visual Art & Mathematics A, Joshua James Chemistry, Simon Mahoney Drama, Dakota Martin English, Ella-Grace Morrison English Communication, Hayden Palmer Graphics, Eli Kathage Information Processing and Technology, Noah Collins Mathematics B, Mathematics C & Physical Education, Emily Williams Physics, Jesse Du Toit Prevocational Mathematics, Shannae Herrington Recreation Studies.

YEAR 12: Mikaela Mountfort Business, Grace Finney Chemistry, Mathematics B & Mathematics C, Kayla Dooley Drama, Breanna Davis English, Legal Studies, Modern History & Physics, Haylee Pietzsch English Communication, IPT, Visual Art & Mathematics A, Alexandra Koovshinoff Information & Communication Technology, Bianca Murphy Music, Timmy Collins Physical Education, Gema Smoothey Prevocational Mathematics, Jordan Shelley Recreation Studies Certificate II.


GOLD SPORTS AWARDS: Mathias Martin Year 10 Christian Swimming, Mikaela Mountfort Year 12 Athletics.

SILVER SPORTS AWARDS: William Bambling Year 7 Swimming, Jenna Williams Year 7 Athletics, Molly Hodgson Year 9 Athletics, Hockey & Triathlon, Jack Hodgson Year 10 Cross Country & Triathlon, Mathias Martin Year 10 Rugby Union & Swimming, Timmy Collins Year 12 Hockey.

BRONZE SPORTS AWARDS: Year 7 - Naomi Bradbury Cross Country, Lillian Diefenbach Touch, Xavier Gomes Christian swimming, Lilly Shearer Athletics, Brayden Lindsay Hockey, Wouter Schreuder Hockey, Sophia Choveaux Horse Riding, Jenna Williams Cross Country, Soccer & Touch, Brock Morgan Hockey.Year 8: Stefan Bailey Cross Country, Bodhi Webster Athletics, Ariel Bunter Athletics, Johnathon Monssen Athletics, Cooper Robbins Athletics & Tennis, Savannah Sutton Christian swimming.

Year 9: Molly Hodgson Cross Country, Madison Marshall Athletics, Jayah MacDonald Soccer, Darcey Oliver Netball, Isabella Zischke Netball.

Year 10: Hunter Austin Athletics, Kate Davis Cross Country, Hannah Duncan Athletics, Jack Hodgson Athletics & Hockey, Mathias Martin Athletics, Mitchell Mountfort Athletics, Saul Roberts Athletics.

Year 11: Noah Collins Hockey.

Year 12: William Gaze Hockey, Ryan Hof Athletics, Daniel Ngaira Athletics, Marc Schreuder Hockey.


GOLD: Lydia Ellingsen Year 9, Adele Finney Year 9, Kate Davis Year 10, Tommie Pienaar Year 10, Noah Collins Year 11, Breanna Davis Year 12, Grace Finney Year 12, Haylee Pietzsch Year 12.

SILVER: Tianna Gignac Year 7, Xavier Gomes Year 7, Grace Barnett Year 7, Naomi Bradbury Year 7, Emma Clifford Year 8, Samuel Kropp Year 8, Charlee Griffiths Year 9, Lydia Harris Year 9, Julia Moore Year 9, Darcey Oliver Year 9, Emma Kraak Year 10, Mathias Martin Year 10, Michael Benoit Year 10, Talisa Herrington Year 10, Dané Lamprecht Year 10, Toiya Dengate Year 11, Shannae Herrington Year 11, Emily Williams Year 11, Timothy Collins Year 12, Kayla Dooley Year 12, Jaylee Friske Year 12.