Winners for Tuesday Lyn Gray and Wendy Ryan
Winners for Tuesday Lyn Gray and Wendy Ryan

Cooloola Coast Bowls Notes

Cooloola Coast Results for week end 24th Jan 2021


All our bowlers gave a big HURRAH as we began our 2021 season after a few weeks waiting for our green to be ready after our annual maintenance. Everybody thought it looked in top condition and was well worth the wait. A big downpour the night before slowed it up a little but we were all pleased with the effort our volunteer team put in and all their hard work was worth it.

We had a good turnout and the enthusiasm was evident with the bowling that was being presented. Everybody was intent on doing well for the start of the year. The break must have done us all some good as the standard of bowling was high from the start.

Tuesday Nominated Jackpot Pairs

Everybody seemed to enjoy the new format for 2021 and has proved to be a good leveller across the rinks. The winners of the second round were Dennis Kerr and Cal Baumanis who narrowly missed out on the first round.

The winners on the day on a count back as it was a tie for the points were Lyn Gray and Wendy Ryan with a slightly high total score.

Sunday winners were Sue Pollitt, Avis Aird and Adele Allars
Sunday winners were Sue Pollitt, Avis Aird and Adele Allars

The jackpot was not won so will roll over to next week.

Thursday Mixed Social Bowls

We all enjoy these days and the numbers showed that. Another competitive but fun day. All who played had a good day. The winners were decided by a spin of the wheel and with the lowest winning margin there was again a tie for the outcome. But on a count back of the number of ends won, the decision went to Stefan Williams and George Falzon. Just shows that you cannot give up.


We had a spare day today as we are waiting for the commencement of a new format for Saturdays. More news on that to come.

Sunday Mixed Social Bowls.

Another big day for numbers. We are all out there dusting off the cobwebs. Or maybe they wanted to get some practise in for our big Australia Day of Bowls. Such a happy day was had by all as a breeze cooled the temperature down a little but the bowling was still hot.

Another spin on the wheel decided that the lowest winning margin would be crowned the winners today. So the team on top were Avis Aird, Adele Allars and Sue Polliitt. Congratulations to all who played as they all contributed to a great day of bowling.

Winners for Thursday were Stefan Williams and George Falzon
Winners for Thursday were Stefan Williams and George Falzon


We will be starting our Championships soon so all those wishing to see some top bowling come on down and enjoy our view from the veranda. We are still serving our top class Burger and Chips on Saturday with Barefoot Bowls available until our new game starts soon.

We also have some special days and nights coming up so keep up to date with our website .

Happy bowling to you all.


Gary Holyoak