Isla (left) and Shayne (right) model wearable art at the Australian Body Art Festival. Photography by Davina.
Isla (left) and Shayne (right) model wearable art at the Australian Body Art Festival. Photography by Davina.

Cooran students shine in Wearable Art category of Australian Body Art Festival

HELD for the first time at Cooroy's Butter Factory on April 8-9, this year's Australian Body Art Festival saw huge crowds of locals and visitors to the Sunshine Coast witness and compete in the nation's premier body art event.

The theme of Wonderland resulted in an eclectic mix of the interpretation of a theme which was most certainly designed to promote creative freedom.

Using traditional brushes, sponges and air sprayers to apply the body paint, a diverse group of artists transformed human canvases into eye catching works of art featuring everything from Alice in Wonderland characters to mystical sea creatures and everything in between.

Other attractions over the two day event included street performers, live music, collaborations between fashion and beauty professionals, face painting and modelling competitions, and the popular Wearable Art category.

Hotly contested, the wearable art competition continues to attract fashion students and professionals from around the country seeking to make the most of the opportunity to create and present avant-garde fashion in such a unique arena.

In support of ongoing efforts to teach their students about sustainability and its impact on the environment, staff and students of Cooran State School eagerly worked together during lunch breaks during term one to design and create two wearable art pieces.

As the only school students to participate in this year's event, year six Cooran students Isla and Shayne opened Sunday's calendar of catwalk events as they modelled down the runway before a team of industry professionals and local spectators who were instantly impressed with their festival debut.

Featuring a moody and dark winter wonderland inspired piece and a contrasting bright and colourful summer wonderland theme; the outfits were made solely from recycled and found items donated by the school community.

Both pieces featured hand sewn details, weaving, full skirts and accessories designed to portray differences in the seasons.

Such is the enthusiasm of Cooran staff and students that efforts have already turned to preparations for next year's event which will again be held in Cooroy.

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