When police were called to the man, he asked for a drink.
When police were called to the man, he asked for a drink.

Cops get called to man at pub, then he asks them for a drink

A FEW drinks too many at the pub on News Year's Eve has landed a man in court.

Phillip John Roberts pleaded guilty on Tuesday to a charge of committing public nuisance within or in the vicinity of a licensed premises.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Macushla Pattinson told the court police were called to the Bucca Hotel at 11.30pm on December 31.

When police arrived they were told a man was harassing a female staff member who was his ex-partner.

When police spoke to Roberts he was uncooperative and asked officers to buy him another drink.

Officers took Roberts outside to his car where he was sleeping for the night and he was not allowed to go back into the pub.

Police were called to the Bucca Hotel again at 1.45am on January 1 when another disturbance was reported.

Sen-Constable Pattinson told the court Roberts was kicking his former partner's car and yelling profanities about her.

Roberts, who represented himself, tendered a character reference from the publican at the South Kolan Hotel.

Roberts told the court he had not consumed alcohol since that night.

He said before police were called the second time he went to the back of the pub to get some of his camping gear and did not remember yelling profanities about his ex-partner.

Magistrate Andrew Moloney took into account Roberts' plea of guilty and character reference into account.

He also took into account he was not inside the pub the second time.

Roberts was fined $250.