A report shows what it costs to attend some of the Bundaberg region’s top schools.
A report shows what it costs to attend some of the Bundaberg region’s top schools.

Costs revealed to attend a top school in Bundy

BUNDABERG'S richest school rakes in more than $72.9 million in three years and parents wanting to send their kids to the region's most expensive school have to fork out $6502, tightly held school statistics reveal.

An independent analysis of school financial records from the MySchool website have shown the massive amount of money some schools make every year, and how little some schools are forced to scrape by on.

The figures revealed Shalom College had a higher gross income than any other school in the Bundaberg region.

The school made a gross income of $72.9 million, according to financial records from the three most recently available years.

The region's second richest school was Bundaberg State High School, in Bundaberg South, which had a gross income of $61.6 million.

The school with the third highest gross income was Kepnock State High School, in Bundaberg, which made $57.6 million.

The figures include all fees, charges and parental contributions as well as State and Federal Government funding and any other private sources over the 2015, 2016 and 2017 years.

It does not include any deductions for capital works or debt servicing. The analysis does not include special schools or schools that did not have complete financial data in MySchool for one or more of 2015, 2016 or 2017.

Lowmead State School had the lowest gross income of any school in the Bundaberg region.

It made just $1.1 million over the three year period.

The region's most expensive school was St Luke's Anglican School in Kalkie where the average amount parents had to fork out in fees, charges and contributions in 2017 was $6502.

Shalom College, had the Bundaberg region's second highest average parental contributions with $3706.

The school with the third highest parental contributions was Bundaberg Christian College where the average contribution was $3313.


Region's richest schools

Shalom College: $72.9 million

Bundaberg State High School: $61.6 million

Kepnock State High School: $57.6 million

St Luke's Anglican School: $41.8 million

Bundaberg North State High School: $37.5 million

Norville State School: $29.4 million

Bundaberg Christian College: $29.1 million

Isis District State High School: $23.3 million

Gin Gin State High School: $22.5 million

Bundaberg East State School: $21 million


Region's poorest schools

Lowmead State School: $1.1 million

McIlwraith State School: $1.3 million

Givelda State School: $1.3 million

Avondale State School: $1.4 million

Booyal Central State School: $1.6 million

Maroondan State School: $1.6 million

Dallarnil State School: $1.7 million

Coral Coast Christian School: $1.8 million

Wartburg State School: $1.9 million

Yandaran State School: $1 million


Region's schools that cost parents the most

St Luke's Anglican School: $6502

Shalom College: $3706

Bundaberg Christian College: $3313

St John's Lutheran Primary School: $3147

Coral Coast Christian School: $2416

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School: $1770

St Patrick's Catholic Primary School: $1765

St Mary's Catholic Primary School: $1642

St Joseph's School: $1140

Bundaberg State High School: $527