Yellow light at Bruce highway and Monkland st
Yellow light at Bruce highway and Monkland st Troy Jegers

Could these Gympie traffic lights be 'changing too quickly'?

COULD the traffic lights on the Bruce Highway-Monkland St intersection be changing just a little too quickly?

One regular Gympie region traveller certainly thinks so, and an Easter Tuesday incident now has the Department of Transport and Main Roads investigating.

Coolum Beach resident Ray Wilson was towing his campervan southbound through the intersection, now fitted with red light cameras, at about 10.45am.

Mr Wilson was adamant the lights were green when his vehicle entered the intersection travelling at the 60km/h speed limit.

Yellow light at Bruce highway and Monkland st
QUICK DRAW: The Bruce Highway-Monkland St lights. Troy Jegers

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However he said the nose of his car had barely made it through the other side by the time the lights turned red.

"The standard time setting for yellow lights is between four and six seconds, and this was barely one second before they turned red,” Mr Wilson said.

"When I crossed the line to enter the intersection it was green, by the time I got to the other side it was already red.

"If I was to get fined for this it's pretty unfair, I would have thought.

"You can imagine how many people are driving through that intersection. There would be thousands getting fined, surely.”

Mr Wilson said he had contacted the TMR about the incident and was told it would be investigated, but he remained nervous he might receive a fine in the mail.

"If I got one I'd be contesting it, for sure,” he said.

TMR was still investigating the incident and was in the process of responding to a request for comment at the time of print.

The TMR website specifies the general length of time yellow lights should last for.

"Traffic signals change from green to yellow to warn approaching motorists that the signal is about to turn red. The length of the yellow signal depends on the speed limit of the road,” the website states.

"Most urban intersections have a yellow time of four to six seconds. The yellow signal means stop if it is safe to do so.”

A combined red light speed camera was installed at the "high-risk” Bruce Highway-Monkland St intersection in late September as part of a statewide rollout for dangerous sites selected by the TMR and police.