Council in the sights for ‘slow’ shooting response

GYMPIE Regional Council has apparently been isolated as the sole source of hold-ups with the planned Corella shooting sports facility - a project that has been on the drawing board for 15 years.

Forestry Minister John McVeigh denies council claims that his department is the source of the hold-ups.

Mr McVeigh says his department has only ever been concerned about continued access to timber for local sawmills and their employees, while shooters say they would be happy to suspend their activities to allow logging whenever the department requires access.

The shooting range, a potentially lucrative sports tourism facility, has frequently received expressions of support from state and council levels of government, but for 15 years the shooters have complained that nothing ever seems to happen.

Mr McVeigh said yesterday the onus now is entirely on the council.

Infrastructure councillor Larry Friske says forestry officials have been trying to push a location which is unsuitable because of steep terrain, as opposed to the generally agreed near-Gympie location at Corella.