The dark is not only great breeding grounds for mushrooms, but toadstools too.
The dark is not only great breeding grounds for mushrooms, but toadstools too.

Council needs to stop treating people like mushrooms

THE dark might be a good place to keep mushrooms but it's also a great breeding ground for toadstools.

The council's learning this the hard way; little information about the Rattler has lead to a lot of toxicity. As it turns out, though, there are nine people in the region who can change it.

In declining our RTI request for several council reports about the Rattler, CEO Bernard Smith noted the Councillor Confidentiality Procedure as adopted in March 2013. It says if the council moves into committee all information about those matters is confidential "unless and until the council resolves to the contrary”.

Gympie Rattler getting ready.
Gympie Rattler getting ready. Renee Albrecht

While not quite on the same level as Tolkien's Rings of Power (or even the environmental magic of Captain Planet), it certainly bestows on the councillors a gift.

So: what was Aurizon's involvement? Did any of the original tenders run close to the $20 million number which keeps turning up? Why was tamping put in, then removed, only to be put back in again? Were councillors told that Rail Futures' May 2017 track report flagged the tight time frame as "high risk - with associated high costs”?

It's up to councillors to decide how clear a view the public has of how this project unfolded, and the level of information available on it.

After all, it was only a promised $10.8 million project on which $17.5 million of the public's money has been spent.

So how about it guys?