COUNCIL FIGHT: Jed Sheridan has been told by Gympie Regional Council to stop using his dyno tuner as it was creating
COUNCIL FIGHT: Jed Sheridan has been told by Gympie Regional Council to stop using his dyno tuner as it was creating "unreasonable” noise. Troy Jegers

Council noise ruling has Gympie business in limbo

A GYMPIE business supporting five jobs might be forced to suspend its operations due to two noise complaints.

Diesel Performance and Mechanical owner Jed Sheridan said he had been issued with a direction notice from Gympie Regional Council to stop using a dyno tuner at his Excelsior Rd site because of the "unreasonable” noise it creates.

The direction notice is reportedly due for next Friday.


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Mr Sheridan said council had advised him to build a soundproof room to minimise the noise levels, but had not stipulated what level of noise was acceptable.

"We had complaints and then council told us to try and do a few things,” Mr Sheridan said.

"I was happy to build a room to stop the noise, but council couldn't tell us the level we had to be at,” he said.

"All (council) said was we had to be below an unreasonable level of noise, and they couldn't tell me what that was.

"Pretty much if I can't use this I've got no work. I've said that to them the whole way along.

Jed Sheridan Diesel Performance and Mechanical
Jed Sheridan Diesel Performance and Mechanical Troy Jegers

"I've tried to be really good.

"I was going to build (the wall) in but because they couldn't give me a level that they wanted, if I built it in and there were more complaints I've wasted $20,000. That was where I got a bit annoyed.”

Mr Sheridan, who is receiving professional assistance from Complete Civil Consulting in the negotiations, said he only uses the tuner infrequently and always during business hours.

He said he had sought an independent consultant from Brisbane to conduct multiple sound tests on the tuner, which returned results deeming the noise levels compliant with Environmental Protection Act standards.

He said council had dismissed those results, but a council spokesman said Mr Sheridan "is aware of the solution”.

"This solution, to resolve the noise nuisance, is to enclose the dyno tuner machinery in a shed designed to prevent the noise impact,” the spokesman said.

"Council received two complaints in the past 12 months (first in February 2018) specifically related to the noise emissions from the operation of the dyno tuner being used outside of (Mr Sheridan's) workshop.

"The development approval for the site specifies that all machinery and equipment must be installed and housed to prevent unreasonable noise, this condition has not been met and must be addressed by Mr Sheridan.”

The spokesman noted the noise reports but said they outlined the solution Mr Sheridan must provide.

"Mr Sheridan has a noise report prepared by a consultant acting on his behalf which confirms that noise from the dyno tuner can be heard from the opposite side of the river (on Power Rd, Southside) and that the noise issue could be treated by housing the dyno tuner within a building.

"Council has been working and will continue to work with Mr Sheridan and his consultants with the aim to address the unreasonable noise.”

The council released an additional statement saying it would not comment further on the matter for legal reasons.

"As this is now a legal matter, council are unable to comment.”