A push by councils to start their own
A push by councils to start their own "good news” media sites heralds the rebirth of propaganda. Bundaberg Now

Council propaganda sites needs to be watched closely

I GUESS Bundaberg Regional Council fixed all their roads, huh?

This must be the case for the council to now be able to fund for their own online "news” service, Bundaberg Now.

The website was dragged into the spotlight amid revelations the council spent more than $21,000 marketing the page, and their total communications department spend next financial year is expected to be in excess of $1.8 million.

The LGAQ has said the idea is to fill the gap left by declining regional media.

This, of course, conveniently overlooks the fact "free” news sources are hastening their demise.

If you smell a rat, it's because there's one laying dead in the online crawlspace.

But the page isn't actually "free”, either.

POT HOLE: Bundaberg Council's Christopher Tydhof hard at work repairing damage to the Mt Perry Rd at North Bundaberg.

Photo: Scottie Simmonds / NewsMail
One can only assume councils able to afford their own news sites have fixed all the major problems first, yes? Scottie Simmonds BUN160712RAD5

It's coming out of ratepayers pockets, and good luck cancelling that subscription.

Yes, it is true news outlets can be government-owned.


But the ABC's charter clearly states it's to be at arm's length from any government.

Bundaberg Now and the council are not just in bed together, they are making wedding plans.

WEDDING DAY: Cameron and Andrea Von Doom at the Bundaberg Courthouse.
Photo: Mike Knott / NewsMail
A wedding in action. Mike Knott BUN280214GEN7

And those basking in the afterglow are elected officials who benefit from a 24-hour media site only selling their good side.

This is commonly known as propaganda.

Let's not overlook a small detail here either - this idea started in Ipswich.

That's like looking to Lance Armstrong for good cycling tips.