Gympie Regional Council Mayor Mick Curran
Gympie Regional Council Mayor Mick Curran Philippe Coquerand

Council sparring partners to stand side by side at meeting

"COME along and have your say. Then Gympie Regional Council do whatever they want anyway" - The Gympie Times website comments.

This comment was in response to an article published in The Gympie Times.

The article was promoting a public forum to launch the Economic Development and Investment Strategy 2019-2024 discussion paper.

Now, I can certainly see how this could be the default response from someone that may feel disenfranchised by their own local council.

However, I would implore you to please come along and be heard.


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Councillor Glen Hartwig Renee Albrecht

The members of the Gympie Chamber of Commerce board have been working tirelessly to establish open communications with the GRC. For the new board this relationship is in its infancy, but the early signs are fantastic.

The Chamber sees tomorrow morning's meeting as the starting block for what is to come and to say we are excited would be a gross understatement.

Recently, I attended a Sunshine Coast business breakfast where Mark Jamieson, Mayor of the SCRC, was one of the speakers.

He spoke at length on the value of having a plan, and pontificated about how important it was that goals were achieved.

It was truly inspirational for me, as a northerner, to sit in a room where everyone was so clearly on the same page. This level of cohesion, transparency and genuine engagement is where we need to be heading.

The plan Cr Jamieson was referring to was launched in 2013, with a 20-year outlook.

It has an extremely clear focus on what is to be achieved, how it will be achieved and when it will be achieved.

By setting a rock-solid implementation plan and timeline, keeping those in charge accountable becomes much easier.

So, what do the combined Chambers expect to see from the discussion paper?

A concrete plan with clear pillars

Aspirational but achievable goals

Clear milestones and time lines

Accountability. The plan needs to be bigger than politicians, staff and its authors

Succession planning. The plan needs to survive changes in council and staff

A plan that becomes a central policy.

The Economic Development department we have at GRC is truly world class.

If Gympie was ever positioned to get this plan right, it is now.

The future of Gympie certainly is looking brighter as we move forward. This is your chance to be heard. See you at the meeting.

Guest speakers at tomorrow's breakfast meeting will be Mayor Mick Curran and Cr Glen Hartwig, the Civic Centre, 6.30am.