COVID-19 Class Action

A class action undertaken by the major international airlines, cruise ships, tourism industries and those families directly affected by COVID-19 against the Chinese Government hosted by the Supreme Court in the United States of America is needed urgently to prevent the continuation of the wet markets.

The USA is the only country where such class action could effectively and legally take place. It is important to note that Australian courts do not have jurisdiction over Chinese matters, yet in the USA, they do. Virgin Australia, Jetstar, Qantas, Australian businesses and families could be involved in this class action through the USA’s Supreme Court.

Whilst a payout would never be a resultant consequence of this legal action due to the USA’s Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act 1976 (FSIA), and Chinese government’s general lack of accountability, this would bring attention to the problem and lead to a potential boycott of continued and future tourism contracts and monies.

This would surely be a wake up call to the Chinese Government.