CATTLE SALES: Cliff White from Homehill Station, Glenroy, was at the CQLX Sales at Gracemere to sell some head of cattle.
CATTLE SALES: Cliff White from Homehill Station, Glenroy, was at the CQLX Sales at Gracemere to sell some head of cattle. Chris Ison ROK200418csales2

CQ farmers start to feel the effect of falling cattle prices

CLIFF White has been in the cattle game for 38 years and has no plans on slowing down.

The grazier from Homehill Station in Glenroy, just northwest of Rockhampton, attends the Gracemere sales every third week to see his cattle sold.

With another dry week coming to an end, Cliff said prices were still down and only the lack of rain could be blamed.


"We had 100 head of cattle for sale, 44 heifers and 56 steers and we were definitely down on the prices we have been getting," he said.

"They were really good quality cattle so we just put it down to the dry conditions."

Breeding Charbray and Brahman cattle, Cliff sells off weaners and bullocks. He said the last three sales have been noticeably harder for him.

"Last week we were selling for $3.80 a kilo and now we are back to $3.40 a kilo for the top price, so that is a considerable drop."

The CQLX Gracemere sale yards saw a total of 3965 head yarded last Friday compromising of 2048 steers and bullocks, 1118 heifers, 674 cows, 79 cows and calves, and 46 bulls and mickies.

Cattle were drawn from as far away as Richmond, Collinsville, Nebo, Mackay, St Lawrence and south to Bororen.

The market struggled to maintain last week rates under the large numbers, with feeder heifers and young heifers the most effected.

Steers to slaughter topped 234.2c/kg to average 212.0c/kg, with the market remaining firm.

Those steers 300 to 400kg averaged 252.2c/kg to top 364.2c/kg, with a drop in the market.

Smaller steers under 200kg topped at 334.2c/kg to average 271.8c/kg.

Cows to slaughter topped 238.2c/kg to average 192.9c/kg.

Those cows 400 to 450kg topped 231.2c/kg to average 192.9c/kg, sold to a firm market.

Cows 320 to 400kg topped 217.2c/kg to average 173.7c/kg.

Heavy heifers topped 219.2c/kg to average 208.2c/kg while heifers 200 to 300kg, topped 226.2c/kg to average 222.3c/kg.

Smaller heifers under 200kg topped 222.2c/kg to average 217.2c/kg.

Cows and calves sold for a maximum of $1375 per unit, averaging $1048 per unit.

Bulls over 600kg topped 234.2c/kg and averaged 220.7c/kg.

Smaller bulls topped 270.2c/kg to average 210.1c/kg.


  • SPELTA GRAZING GOGANGO sold Droughtmaster cows for 212c/kg weighing 697kg to return $1478/head
  • R & A SPARROW YAAMBA sold Brahman cows for 211c/kg weighing 545kg returning $1144/head

The next Gracemere sale will be held on this Friday, commencing at 8.30am