CQ drug trafficker bragged she made $30K a day

A WOMAN'S drug business was described as one of the most detailed, calculated, sophisticated businesses ever seen by a crown prosecutor.

Delilah Jean Simpson, 29, pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court of Rockhampton on Thursday to many drug-related charges including trafficking.

Simpson had 108 clients during her four-month trafficking period with 87 identified from the tick sheets she kept that police officers found in her Gladstone home on July 24 last year.

Other clients were identified from SMS and Facebook messages.

Crown Prosecutor Greg Cummins said Simpson's trafficking of methamphetamine and cannabis between March 1 and July 21 last year was a wholesale level with regular dealings, lines of credit, threats over debts and weapons in the house.

"It had all the hallmarks of a sophisticated business," he said.

The court heard Simpson hyperbolically told one client she was making $30,000 a day from the business, but neither the defence team, crown prosecutor or judge believed it possible from the evidence presented in court.

Mr Cummins said police even uncovered 12 profit sheets that detailed how much Simpson paid the supplier, how much she sold to her clients and how much profit she made from each level of sale from 0.1grams to 0.3 grams to 0.5 and beyond.

"One of the serious hallmarks of this particular offending is just how calculated it all is," he said.

"One rarely sees a price structure and calculation of profit margins in this level of detail."

Justice Duncan McMeekin commented on how Simpson even had drivers and employees as part of her operations.

Simpson first came to the attention of police on April 17. She participated in an interview where she made partial admissions to trafficking. She came to the attention of police again on June 16 and again on July 24.

Two searches of her home were carried out by police where weapons, drugs, drug utensils and 12 tick sheets were found that showed Simpson was owed $35,000 in drug debts when she was caught.

Methamphetamine also known as crystal meth
The Supreme COurt in Rockhampton heard of the woman's 'sophisticated' drug operation. kaarsten

Defence barrister Jordan Ahlstrand said Simpson had moved to Maryborough to get away from her drug associates. He described a childhood hampered by domestic violence and emotional and psychological abuse. Mr Ahlstrand tendered seven references from family, friends and

former employers of Simpson's to support his client's defence.

He also tabled a urine analysis certificate to show Simpson was clear of meth, but it also showed she was still using cannabis.

The court heard she was still smoking two to eight joints a day.

"It's a disturbing feature that you think it's okay to take cannabis," Justice McMeekin said.

"It's still against the law.

"A disturbing feature... on the days you attended court in relation to these offences, you were still trafficking."

Simpson received a head sentence of five years in jail. She is eligible for parole on March 4, 2019.