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Cranky dad's 'hissy fit' over non-refundable meal

A CRANKY dad who didn't like his McDonald's meal has been fined $1000 for threatening a staff member.

Hayden James Dwyer, 22, was told to "man up" in Gladstone Magistrates Court after pleading guilty to wilful damage, using a carriage service to make a threat to cause serious harm and possession of property suspected of being used to commit a drug offence.

On January 25, 2018 about 12.50pm, Dwyer made a phone call to the McDonald's store he had just bought his lunch from.

The court was told Dwyer had an issue with his meal and demanded a refund. When the McDonald's worker refused, Dwyer responded with a threat. "I'll come down there and smash your nose all over your face," Dwyer told the worker.

Five days later police attended Dwyer's home and found a glass water pipe, digital scales and a hose which police suspected were used for drugs.

The court was told in April, Dwyer had another run-in with a business, this time breaking a door on his way out.

About 10am on April 3, Dwyer was having an argument with a staff member at Cash Converters and on his way out, pushed the door with force, breaking the hinges.

Magistrate Brian Kucks said Dwyer nearly had more experience in a courtroom than he did. "You have seven pages of criminal history here," Mr Kucks said.

"So you didn't like your Macca's order, you might be a disgruntled customer, you might not appreciate the response they gave you.

"But that does not give you the right to take the steps you did. That is where you went overboard. And again, at Cash Converters, you weren't getting your own way."

Dwyer interrupted Mr Kucks to defend his behaviour, but Mr Kucks said Dwyer had a "hissy fit" and charged through the door.

Including the $1000 fine, Dwyer had convictions recorded for the wilful damage and threat charges.