Crash teen’s life in a street gang

THE teen who died during a police chase in Southport was part of a feeder group to one of the city's biggest bikie gangs.

Logan Dreier, 18, was a well-known member of Street Team Brotherhood, a gang known for stealing cars and low-level crimes.

Dreier, who had been convicted of stealing cars and entering a dwelling, was the driver of a car that hit a pole and flipped on Queen St, Southport on Friday morning. He died that night from serious head injuries.

Dreier grew up on the Gold Coast and attended Helensvale State High School. In September 2014, he bragged on Facebook about being suspended for the rest of term.

Logan Dreier was killed in a crash on Queen street near the Nerang street intersection after being chased by police.
Logan Dreier was killed in a crash on Queen street near the Nerang street intersection after being chased by police.

Based in Upper Coomera, the Street Team Brotherhood, or STB, is involved in petty crimes across the northern Gold Coast. Members post the gang's logo proudly on their Facebook pages and refer to each other as "don", "bra" and "brother".

Street Team Brotherhood is known to be a feeder gang for the Rebels bikie gang.

In 2016, young members were photographed wearing "SYLR" T-shirts, a popular logo which stands for "Support Your Local Rebels".

Alleged Rebels key figure Emrah Turkyilmaz, who rose to prominence after his brother was shot in Upper Coomera this year, is a regular commenter on the Street Team Brotherhood members' social media pages.

Gokhan Turkyilmaz and Emrah Türkyılmaz.
Gokhan Turkyilmaz and Emrah Türkyılmaz.

Turkyilmaz is also before the courts for his alleged involvement in a shooting at the Logan Hyperdome.

In October 2018, Turkyilmaz posted: "I've had enough of blaming all these demons in my head are starting to over take me rolling with my clique stb".

Sources told the Bulletin that the gang had T-shirts made up to show their allegiance to the gang.

The Street Team Brotherhood logo.
The Street Team Brotherhood logo.

Gatenbys Criminal Lawyers director Michael Gatenby said street gangs were not uncommon on the Gold Coast.

"They are really from one end (of the city) to the other," he said.

The gangs are usually made up of teenage boys, as young as 13, and often involved low-level street crimes.

Recently, the gangs have been targeting cars.

Mr Gatenby said they were "fairly sophisticated" in how they were organised.

"It is not just a casual thing," he said.

The gangs are not believed to have official meeting places but do get together regularly in public places across the Gold Coast.

Logan Dreier. Picture: Facebook
Logan Dreier. Picture: Facebook

Sources told the Bulletin the gangs were also just groups of boys who had given themselves names to show the different factions.

Other street gangs known to be operating on the Gold Coast include LBK and the Gold Coast Brotherhood.

The Mongols bikie club is also understood to have a feeder gang operating on the Gold Coast.

Police are still investigating the crash.

Assistant Commissioner Brian Wilkins said Ethical Standards Command and the Crime and Corruption Commission were looking into the incident.

The Queensland Police Service has strict guidelines around when a pursuit can be undertaken.

The guidelines are designed to protect the public, police and those in the vehicles being chased.