Karen Hagger-Peen donated this cake to a family in need.
Karen Hagger-Peen donated this cake to a family in need. Contributed

Cake creations from this expert will blow your mind

KAREN Hagger-Peen is a master at making cakes.

The Caloundra resident makes the humble, single-storey mud cake look like child's play as she constructs awe-inspiring and delicious creations.

Karen said she'd always been into arts and crafts but decided cakes were a better medium because they got eaten and didn't collect dust around the house.

"I got into making cakes four years ago," she said.

"I do some weird and wonderful things but I really like to do the novelty stuff."

Karen's most recent cake scored a lot of praise and especially because it was made for a good cause.

"Parents of children who are seriously ill or have seriously ill siblings can contact Cake Angels and have a cake made," she said.

"Cake Angels were looking for people so I applied."

Since then Karen had made two cakes for sick Sunshine Coast kids.

"It's kind of nice," she said.

"We're not charging anything and the families are really happy to let me do whatever I like so I go a bit crazy."


Karen's last cake took 12 hours to make without including cooking time.

"I actually went to a class to do that fairy which took eight hours and she's completely edible," she said.

"The cake inside is chocolate mudcake and the leaves were made out modelling chocolate and then I painted them gold."

Karen said the family were so impressed with the cake they didn't want to eat it.

"They didn't want to destory it but I said no that's part of the fun."

Twelve hours isn't the longest Karen has spent constructing a cake though.


Karen Hagger-Peen makes amazing cakes.
Karen Hagger-Peen makes amazing cakes. Contributed

"I did a four tier Alice in Wonderland cake that took 16 hours just to do the decorations," she said.

"It was a lot of fun to do."

Karen said everyone could learn to make impressive cakes, but she had some top tips for those starting out.

"First of all it is kind of addictive so be prepared to waste a lot of money," she said.

"Remember originally people did all of this stuff by hand so you can start with the very basic stuff, you don't need fancy gadgets.

"Watch lots of Youtube videos.

"And practice really does make perfect. Don't be afraid to give it a go."

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