SNEAKY: The Tactical Crime Squad has been called in to stop the lewd activities in Ipswich parks.
SNEAKY: The Tactical Crime Squad has been called in to stop the lewd activities in Ipswich parks. triloks

Gay sex on park bench sparks police crackdown

THE Tactical Crime Squad has been called in to conduct operations on gay sex romps in several Ipswich parks.

As reported last week by the QT, Mayor Paul Pisasale had called on police to up the ante and catch the men who are engaging in the activity at the Pan Pacific Peace Gardens and Denmark Hill.

Inspector Keith McDonald has confirmed police were on the case and that operations were increasing at the two parks.

"Crews in those areas have been tasked to focus on these parks," Insp McDonald said.

"We have also got a couple of our Tactical Crime Squad people as well focussing on an operation in those areas.

"We intend to make it as unpalatable as possible for people to engage in these activities.

"Public parks are not the place for people to undertake this type of activity.

"Private rooms and the privacy of homes is the place for this type of activity to be undertaken, not public parks where there is the possibility of large number of people gathering.

"That is not what people want to see."

Goodna-based councillor Paul Tully congratulated the police for "getting their backsides into gear" over this issue.

Police had been successful in stopping the sexual escapades that were going on at Queens Park previously. But now the culprits have found other lovers' lairs.

Police are also aware of a report that came across Cr Pisasale's desk recently where a woman complained about two men having sex on a picnic table at Denmark Hill.

The men were reported to be in full congress in broad daylight.

Cr Pisasale said the lady's complaint was one of many he'd received, but also one of the most alarming.

"I've heard of a picnic smorgasbord but this is ridiculous," Cr Pisasale said.

"This behaviour has to stop. We won't tolerate it."

The QT is not naive enough to believe that heterosexuals have not been nude and rude in Ipswich parks.

But the fact remains that the complaints coming to the police and councillors are all about homosexuals.

When we hear otherwise, we will report it.

Of course, heterosexual love trysts in public have made news all around the globe - from the homeless couple in warm embrace in the Ukraine, to the frisky tryst by a seaside pier in Lisbon, Portugal, to the brazen bar room liaison in a Tijuana night club .

Those who ignore the warnings in Ipswich now know the police are on the case in increasing numbers.

If caught, offenders face stiff fines and up to two years in prison.

Those running the gauntlet in our parks need to heed the message Cr Pisasale so memorably sent them last will be caught with your pants down.