Crime stats are on the bright side

RAPE and fraud reports increased across the North Coast but robberies were down according to figures just released from the state's police.

A Gympie man charged with 153 "historical" counts of rape and other sexual offences saw figures for the violating attacks skyrocket in the 2010/11 year by 30%.

North Coast Assistant commissioner Graham Rynders said the investigation showed the dedication and commitment of police in the region "who are willing to exhaust all avenues" as part of their inquiries.

A 29% rise in fraud reports could also be attributed to prolific offences from a small number of offenders, rather than any increasing trend according to Assistant Commissioner Rynders.

A Maryborough offender was charged with 1289 offences of computer fraud while five others from Gympie were charged with 80 offences.

Robberies in the region fell by 26% in the last reporting period and there was a 16% reduction in the rate of break and enters in both homes and businesses.

The Sunshine Coast has not been highlighted in the official statement highlighting statistics from the Queensland Police Service.