Lizard Island.
Lizard Island.

Croc attack: Snorkeler's terrifying encounter at Lizard Is.

RANGERS are en route to Lizard Island to try and catch a crocodile that attacked a snorkeller at the popular holiday destination.

The man, who suffered minor cuts and abrasions to his head, was treated by nurses at Lizard Island Resort after the incident with the 1.5m-2m long saltwater croc occurred yesterday afternoon.

A Department of Environment and Heritage Protection spokesman said it was understood the man may have inadvertently swum into the croc while snorkelling near Watson's Inlet at the island, and the animal reacted defensively.

"Wildlife officers are travelling to the area and will search the area for the crocodile responsible," he said.

"The waters surrounding Lizard Island are well within known crocodile habitat and permanent crocodile warning signs are located within the town and its environs."

It is the second croc attack to occur at the island in more than a year.

Sunshine Coast based construction worker Mick Curwen was attacked by a 2.5m long saltwater crocodile while snorkelling at night in December 2015.

The croc bit him on his left arm, leaving deep puncture wounds.