Deep Creek Bridge in Gympie under construction.
Deep Creek Bridge in Gympie under construction. Renee Albrecht

Crucial piece of Rattler infrastructure on time and budget

WORK to a vital piece of Mary Valley Rattler infrastructure is set to be finished on time and on budget according to Gympie Regional Council.

Council contractors are adding the finishing touches to the 125-year-old Deep Creek rail bridge which spans Deep Creek on the southern edge of Gympie.

Refurbishments are set to finish by the end of this month, with the estimated bill expected to be in the order of $1.8 million.


Works on Deep Creek Bridge.
Works on Deep Creek Bridge. Contributed

The project is both state and council funded and forms part of the $11.5 track and bridges budget.

The work includes remediating structural components like piles and girders as well as installing new bridge sleepers and rails, some of which were previously deemed as defective.

According to a council spokeswoman, additional earthworks will occur under the southern end of the bridge to build up soil to provide additional support around one of the piers.

"This will complete the restoration works for the Deep Creek rail bridge," she said.


Work on Deep Creek Bridge.
Work on Deep Creek Bridge. Contributed

"The bridge is currently having its rails reinstated after a major overhaul that commenced in October last year."

Despite the Deep Creek bridge revamp having close to a $2 million price tag, work for the entire Rattler project is still expected to come in on the allocated $14.5 million budget.

The budget includes $7 million of state funding as well as $7.5 million from council.